Welcome to Bid, Buy & Drive, LLC

Hi, I am Mike, the owner of Bid, Buy & Drive – the affordable specialized online auto and vehicle auction. My website is designed to offer you excellent service, quality and value for vintage, specialty and classic vehicle buying and selling. All of the vehicles you will find here are unique and are all specialized in their own right.

I have over 46 years of experience with working on cars as a pastime and as my trade.  I am the owner of 8 auto repair shops, past and present, because I have a true passion for the automotive industry! My goal is to offer you a great platform and great value for either buying or selling the vehicles of your desires.

What can you expect from Bid, Buy & Drive? At Bid, Buy & Drive you can expect the following:

  • Post your vehicle for a zero-dollar listing fee, now available for a limited time.
  • Enjoy a highly competitive Buyer’s Fee of only 20%.
  • Reserve or no reserve protects the Seller.
  • Bidding and sales are open 7 days a week, so you will have more time available to access our website.

For Buyers:  Bid, Buy & Drive offers you the safest and most affordable way to purchase the classic or vintage vehicle you have always dreamed of owning and you never have to leave your home of office.  Our website is full of only the best-in-class vehicles for auction you will find anywhere else.

For Sellers: I offer you the most affordable way to post your vehicle and to get the price you feel your vehicle is worth!  Also, right now for a limited introductory time, all listings are free!  Auto posting and bidding online has never been more secure, easier or more affordable than with Bid, Buy & Drive. No more driving to auto auctions — you can post from anywhere and expect satisfying results from a reputable online vehicle auction platform.

Your Bid, Buy & Drive Experience:

If you have bought or sold a car on the Bid, Buy & Drive site, we would love to hear about it. Please email us at info@bidbuyanddrive.com and let us know about your experience. 

If you would like to submit a vehicle for sale or want to be notified of the latest auctions,  please click one of the links below.