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Welcome to Bid, Buy & Drive, featuring specialty auto & vehicle auctions. Our website is designed to offer exceptional service, quality, and value for your automobile purchases. Our site offers vintage and unique specialty & classic vehicles for sale. All vehicles on our site are unique and specialized in their own right!

What can you expect from Bid, Buy & Drive.com? At B.B.& D. you can expect:

  • $0 listing fees (Available for a limited time only.)
  • We are offering $50 to every listing we accept on the site (Available for a limited time only.)
  • Save with an extremely low and competitive Buyer’s Fee of only 2%.
  • Sellers can list their vehicles with Reserves to protect their investment.
  • We offer bidding and final sales 24/7 to cater to your busy schedule. Our flexible hours allow easier access and easier availability.

For Buyers: Bid, Buy & Drive offers you the safest and most affordable way to purchase the classic or vintage vehicle you have always dreamed of buying and owning! You don’t have to leave your home or office to do so! Bid, Buy & Drive only lists the best-in-class vehicles for our auctions.

For Sellers: We offer you the most affordable way to post your vehicles, with a $0 Listing Fee (Available for a limited time!)

Sellers can also protect their investment with a Reserve Price. If the Reserve Price is not met the Seller can decide to sell their vehicle at the highest bid offered or walk away.

With our extremely low Buyer’s Fee of only 2%, the Seller has a chance to save money on auction costs. It’s a Win-Win situation! No more driving to auto auctions — you can post from anywhere and expect satisfying results from a reputable online vehicle auction platform!

Your Bid, Buy & Drive Experience:

If you have bought or sold a car on the Bid, Buy & Drive website, we would love to hear about it. Please email us at info@bidbuyanddrive.com and let us know about your experience!

If you would like to submit a vehicle for sale or want to be notified of the latest auctions,  please click one of the links below.