About Us

Welcome to Bid, Buy & Drive! Your premium auto auction site for classic, antique and specialty automobiles, parts and accessories. We love cars and have been working on them for over 47 years! We are branching out to the online auto auction industry because of our passion for classic and vintage cars. We have bought and sold 1 or 3 of them over the years! WOW, how time flies. We are dedicated to bringing the buyers and sellers a great transaction experience with many cost saving benefits! We believe that with our experience and background, we only want to bring the finest cars available to both the buyer and seller that offer quality, value and safety through a safe and secure online venue!

Having always had an entrepreneurial spirit since the age of 8, I started with a lemonade stand in N.Y.C. We started doing dishes and taking out the garbage at 9. Since we did not have a vacuum cleaner, we had to pick the carpet up with our fingers. Getting a little older, the tasks became walking dogs, throwing newspapers and mowing lawns.

I got my first car when I was 15 3/4 years old, before I officially had a Driver’s License. I started working on cars with my first – – – a 1965 Rambler Classic 660 with a 287. Great first vehicle. Over the years, I marveled at mostly odd, and interestingly enough European vehicles. I horse traded all kinds of cars, a few Triumph GT6’s, Morris Minors, a Rover 3500, a Renault Caravelle convertible that the frame sagged down when the doors were opened up, a Renault R-16, an R-10 (loved that car) and an R-5, a few Peugeot 505’s and a black 604! I also had a few Corvairs back in 1975. Too many cars to remember all of them!

I remember lifting engines out of cars in my basement with a chain winch from an I-beam that was holding the second story of the house up. I remember driving a Citroen DS-21 up the highway with only 3 wheels on it because I had a flat tire! That was a site. All roads along the way have been filled with experiences with cars. I am a firm believer in working hard, taking pride in what is accomplished and in providing outstanding customer service and integrity for a positive work environment. We are honored to provide an excellent platform that will benefit the sellers and buyers of these cars on this site!

Just think, no more time wasted, sifting through endless websites. Bid, Buy & Drive has exactly what you want, with quality and value backed by years of knowledge and a passion for bringing customers exclusive and extraordinary classic and vintage cars. For a limited time, we are offering vehicle submissions a $50 check to show our appreciation for your listing. We also have no fee to list your vehicle for a limited time. And on top of all the we only charge a Buyer’s Fee of 2%. An extremely competitive rate for the buyer and seller alike. We will host some of the best cars that you will find on Bid, Buy & Drive’s online auction site ! Just submit your classic or specialty vehicle here to get started: info@bidbuyanddrive.com.

Thank-you, and wishing you great success !