1971 Citroen DS 21 Euro Spec

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When the 1955 Citroen ID 19 was introduced at the Paris Auto Show, after
the successful run of the Citroen Traction Avant (front wheel drive),
the ID had sales orders of over 20,000 vehicles in 1 hour !  Through its
some 20 year run, the ID/DS stands as one of the most technologically,
advanced and most beautiful vehicles ever to grace this planet, then as
well as now !

The present owner, has currently owned this vehicle for 5 years. This
Citroen DS 21 has been kept under or in covered garage areas for the
past 5 years.

This 1971 Citroen DS 21 Euro Spec vehicle came across the pond in about
2006 straight from France. This vehicle comes with a straight 5-speed
manual transmission, 4-cylinder hemispherical engine, dependable

D-Jetronic Fuel Injection with fully hydro-pneumatic self-leveling
suspension and inner turning headlights!  She is outfitted with newly
reupholstered front seats, with the rear seats remaining with the
original hides. All 4 original door panels are in good condition for a
vehicle of over 48 years of age.Attractive medium silver-grey in colour, the paint work is in very good
condition and believed to be the original colour scheme. There are a few
minor superficial rust spots, but they are not intrusive into the metal
and easily repaired. The frame, a rust weak point with European vehicles
of this era, is in extremely rust-free condition.  The frame is
supported by the correct 185/HR Michelin XVS tires in excellent tread
condition, albeit very minor cracking due to age.All the glass is in great condition, with a minor, non-running blem in
the windshield just off center-right. All 4 doors close exquisitely
nicely, like no other. Almost too nicely. That is a compliment heard
over and over again when someone closes the doors. All manual windows
crank handles operate as designed. The city horn/country horn feature is
true Gallic. One light pull, or one greater pull on the left stalk will
determine which horn(s) is required by the driver.The hydro-pneumatic suspension is above compare!  This feature is most
difficult to explain–one only has to ride in a D to experience the
difference.  Aside from being able to drive this vehicle with 3 tires
fitted, 2 on the front and 1 on the rear, with a flat, for instance, the
faster one drives this vehicle over speed bumps, or any other obstacle,
the less it is felt with the passengers. The current owner had a flat
tire in his first Alabaster White DS about 35 years ago on the highway,
and did not realize the tire had gone flat, until it started ripping up
the front fender ! That is how resilient this suspension is ! Above
compare.Standard with most every ID or DS is a manual crank handle to start up
the engine should the starter fail, to set points or to challenge your
buddies in a starting contest. Also, every body panel is easily removed,
a throw back to the 1920’s when Andre Citroen accomplished an Expedition
from Northern Africa to South Africa with half-track vehicles. With
those half-tracks, regular rubber truck tires on the front combined with
a tank type track on the rear could easily fiord the most challenging of
terrain. When the Expedition came to a river that could not be driven
through, the Expedition would disassemble the vehicles, piece by piece,
float them over the river on small vessels or boats, then reassemble
them on the other side of the river to continue on their journey.Overall, this vehicle is in excellent survivor condition. The D Model is one of the greatest vehicles ever developed and produced. A timeless
vehicle from a great creator, Andre Citroen.

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